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Butterfly exhibit, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

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Central Library, Los Angeles

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Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

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Top 20 Artists/Bands Of The Decade prt.9

I've been too busy solving equations to do anything else lately, but I thought it's high time to put this to sleep already. And so the last 3 entries to this list...

Neko Case
Discovered: I saw her open for Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, but didn't become a fan till I picked up her Blacklisted album in 2002. I believe she's got, with a doubt, The most killer voice in music today.

Recorded output last decade - 3 Albums, 2 live recordings, 1 EP
Fav album - Blacklisted (2002)
Fav song - 'This Tornado Loves You' from Middle Cyclone (2009)

William Elliott Whitmore
Discovered: Scott Kelly of Neurosis played a track off of Whitmore's collaborative album with Jenny Hoyston "Hallways of Always" on his radio show at Combat music radio dot com. His gravelly voice as old as time itself belies his 33 years. I saw him play a short time later and couldn't believe that the gritty bellow issuing from the stage belonged to the whoopin' and hollerin' young man on the banjo. More people need to hear his music.

Recorded output last decade - 6 Albums, 1EP, 2 7"s, 1 collab
Fav album - Song Of The Blackbird (2006)
Fav song - 'Lord Only Knows' from Hymns For The Hopeless (2003)


Discovered: At the record label I used to work at. It was amazing to follow their progress over the years and see them grow with each new album into the massively powerful and widely influential behemoth they eventually became. Quite possibly the finest metal band of the 00s in my opinion.

Recorded output last decade - 4 albums
Fav album - Oceanic (2002)
Fav song - 'Hall Of The Dead' from Wavering Radiant (2009)